the Studio’s April Color Challenge

I can’t believe where April has gone. It has been a hectic and a bit rough month for us as hubby took on a new work. Looking forward to a smooth sailing month of May.

I have been meaning to make a kit for the April Color Challenge hosted by Diane over at the Studio ever since I saw the beautiful color palette she used. However, free “me” time was really scarce. Luckily, today is a holiday in my part of the world so hubby and son slept longer than usual, which meant a free time for me. Woohoo!

Here’s a little kit that I managed to whip up together:cwJOY-Spring-prev

I hope you like it. You can download it here.

I really like the color palette that I am thinking of expanding it into a full kit. I do hope I find the time though.


theStudio’s March Color Challenge

Hi everyone. I had time this week to join the Color Challenge at Digital Scrapbooking Studio. I love the color palette that Diane put together and it inspired me to make a full kit too. Hurray! I am thinking of adding some more patterned papers to go with it.

Here’s a preview of the Mini Kit I made for the challenge:


I hope you like it. If you make a layout using my kit, I would love to see them. You can link me up so I can leave you some love. You can download mini kit here.

Here’s a preview of full kit:


It has 10 papers (5 artsy and 5 patterned) and 18 elements. Papers and elements can be purchased separately at my CraftsUPrint store here.

Round 4: theStudio’s Next Designer Contest

This is it folks! The FINAL ROUND!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me for the three rounds and for everyone’s support and encouragement. It was an awesome and fun experience.

Things are a bit different for this final round. We were allowed to choose our own palette and theme and create a kit with a maximum of 10 papers and 40 elements.

Here’s a preview of what I made. I wanted to include a pack of alpha but I ran out of time.


Now, here’s the change I was telling you about. To be able to vote, you need to buy my kit for USD$1.00 from the store here. Each sale is counted as one vote. Top three designers will be chosen according to the number of sales they have on their kits. It is a good thing that all the sales, regardless of how much it is, will be given to us, designers, at the end of the voting process. The owner and her admin will choose a designer to have a 1 year contract to sell in their store. I really want to get that chance.

If you like what I made, please consider voting for me by buying my kit in the store here.

Thank you so much!

Round 3: theStudio Next Designer Contest

This is it! Round 3 votation is officially open. Thank you all for your support and helping me make it to this Round.

Only the top 10 designers are moving on to the FINAL Round. And I really want to be one of them. If you like what I made, please consider voting for me. It would mean a lot. Thank you.

We were given a choice on what we want to create for this round: a pack of borders, a pack of clusters, a pack of quickpages, a pack of alpha. I decided to make an alpha.

Here’s the preview:


You can find the download link here.

Please vote for me here.

Round 2: theStudio’s Next Designer Contest

I made it to Round 2! Woohoo! And I got 2nd place on Round 1, which meant I got an extra CU kit as a reward. How cool is that? Thank you to every one who voted for me.

For Round 2, we were tasked to create 30 unique elements and 10 recolored ones using the same palette.

Here is a preview of my entry:


You can grab the pack here. Hurry because the links only stay active until the end of the month.

If you like what I made, please consider voting for me here so I can move on to Round 3. Thanks a bunch!

theStudio’s Next Dext Designer Contest

It’s that time of the year again! And I am so excited.

theStudio is hosting their Annual Next Designer Contest and I signed up! I always get excited for this competition. It challenges me to create something new and out of my comfort zone. When I joined last year, it was a non-elimination contest so everyone was free to jump in whichever round they liked. This year, however, is an elimination type and only 30 participants will move on to the next round. There will be four rounds and the winner will be chosen from the top 10 participants who make it to the last round. Crossing my fingers I’d be one of them 🙂

We were given the same palette to work with for the entire contest. This round, we were required to create 5 patterned papers and 5 cardstocks.

Here’s my Round 1 entry:


The color palette speaks loudly of Autumn but I wanted to make something that can be used besides Autumn photos. We’ll see how this kit goes if we will be asked to do elements next.

If you like my papers, please vote for me here to move on to the next round. Thanks a bunch!

Link to download here on theStudio’s Gallery. Hurry, though, since the link will only stay active until October 31st.

DSS NDC Round 3

It’s the third and last round for the Next Designer Contest at theStudio. This time we were given a Fall/Autumn theme and to create a Pocket Scrapbooking type of kit. I love pocket scrapping as they look so neat and tidy, arranged and in order sort of way 🙂

I took a vibrant color palette for fall. Here’s a preview:

cwJOY-ThinkImFallin-prevMini kit includes 4 papers, 12 elements and 1 pocket scrapping template (in PSD and TIF). I hope you like them.

Download kit here. Grab the template here.

Drop by the gallery and check out the other entries.

DSS NDC Round 2

It’s Round 2 for the Next Designer Contest at theStudio. For this round, we were required to create an Art Journaling type mini kit with paints, smears, splatters, smudges and the like. It took me out of my comfort zone since I haven’t held a paint brush in years. Ever since I discovered digital scrapbooking, all my paper scraps are locked up to collect dust in the store room.

I had fun creating the kit though and it challenged me to make something that would look artsy enough.

Below is the preview:

cwJOY-WhereMyHeartIs-prevDownload here. I hope you find this kit useful.

Check out theStudio gallery for the other entries.

DSS NDC Round 1

It’s that time of the year again — theStudio’s birthday! And when it’s their birthday, it’s time for the Next Designer Contest!

It was my first time joining last year. I had so much fun creating mini kits so I decided to join again this year. I had a bit of difficulty for this first round since there were no palettes to choose from. With the various colors out there I thought I would be stumped. Luckily, I think I hit my head on something and came up with a nautical theme 🙂

Below is the preview:

cwJOY-SailAway-prevDownload here. I hope you find them useful.

Drop by the forum and see what other members came up with.

DSS Color Challenge + Freebie

It’s a new month and that means new challenges at Digital Scrapbooking Studio. For October’s Color Challenge, we were given this cheerful palette:DSS October Color Challenge

We have a choice to either make a mini kit using the pallete, create a Quick Page, a stacked paper, a cluster or a lay out using the kit given by the host designer or from the other contributions by the designers and members.

I decided to create a mini kit:

Head on over to theStudio and check out the great stuff in the Color Challenge. While you’re there, take a look at the other challenges for this month. A 10% discount in the Personal Use store on all your purchases next month as a participation prize might just entice you to join in on the challenges 🙂

Download HERE