Day 05: We got them back!

If you have been following me, you would know that my son went home yesterday with a wrong pair of shoes 😁 Today, my son was wearing flip flops to school while I carried the shoes inside a bag. I was afraid the kid (or the parent) might get angry if the shoes got dirty.

Well, guess what? The kid was waiting for us outside the classroom with his hands on his waist and shouted “He took my shoes!” I found it difficult to supress my laughter because he looked so cute. Haha. His grandmother was laughing, telling me that she only noticed the wrong shoes when they got home since his grandson was wearing a different pair of socks. You see, both shoes were exactly alike (except for the size). They were both new, as white as the white can be. So, it would be easy to mistake one from the other. The only difference was in the socks that the shoes were paired with. My son was wearing an ankle-length one while the other kid was wearing a knee-high one.

Today, I found out the reason why. The kid has a birthmark on his leg, a handbreadth size; that is why he is always wearing high socks – to cover the marks.


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