Day 04: Another First

Today is our son’s first day of school in Kindergarten!

We have been prepping him for over a week that he is going to school and meet his teachers and classmates and have fun. I did not want him to feel scared just like what happened when it was his first day in Nursery (but that is another story for another day 😊).

He woke up in a good mood. He ate breakfast and changed to his school uniform with no fuss. He was even singing while walking on the way to school. When we got there, he saw two of his friends and got excited. He went inside their classroom with ease after a hug, a kiss, and a wave.

He was all smiles and said he enjoyed school when I picked him up after four hours. YAY! I noticed something odd on him though. He was wearing someone elses’s shoes! 😅 I will have to check back tomorrow and see who the poor kid was who got my son’s shoes. It would have surely hurt his feet as it was an inch shorter. Haha.


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