Day 02: Good Friends, Good Food

We had a lunch date with my TeamGfx, a group who maintains the media page for our church. We have been maintaining it for over a year and we wanted to celebrate the post new year together as a family since we only see each other every Sunday and just communicate through computer screens on regular days.

Food was great. We all bought something home made to share. I especially loved the dessert – cinnamon rolls! Yum! It was the perfect combination to my cup of coffee. Honestly, I could have eaten the whole batch if I didn’t think about the calories that I would pack up afterwards. Haha. The host’s wife has perfected her recipe.

The kids had fun with all the available toys that the host prepared – they have two boys so just think of cars, planes, everything that has wheels on them, lego blocks, and the not-so-typical toys (solar system projector which my son loved the most and a human body model). The dads were cozied up on the sofa watching The Accountant on TV while the moms were busy chatting, reminiscing moments in our lives fro  way back eight years ago. That is how chatty we were.

We all went home with a box of cinnamon rolls as a bonus!


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