Round 4: theStudio’s Next Designer Contest

This is it folks! The FINAL ROUND!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me for the three rounds and for everyone’s support and encouragement. It was an awesome and fun experience.

Things are a bit different for this final round. We were allowed to choose our own palette and theme and create a kit with a maximum of 10 papers and 40 elements.

Here’s a preview of what I made. I wanted to include a pack of alpha but I ran out of time.


Now, here’s the change I was telling you about. To be able to vote, you need to buy my kit for USD$1.00 from the store here. Each sale is counted as one vote. Top three designers will be chosen according to the number of sales they have on their kits. It is a good thing that all the sales, regardless of how much it is, will be given to us, designers, at the end of the voting process. The owner and her admin will choose a designer to have a 1 year contract to sell in their store. I really want to get that chance.

If you like what I made, please consider voting for me by buying my kit in the store here.

Thank you so much!


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