theStudio’s Next Dext Designer Contest

It’s that time of the year again! And I am so excited.

theStudio is hosting their Annual Next Designer Contest and I signed up! I always get excited for this competition. It challenges me to create something new and out of my comfort zone. When I joined last year, it was a non-elimination contest so everyone was free to jump in whichever round they liked. This year, however, is an elimination type and only 30 participants will move on to the next round. There will be four rounds and the winner will be chosen from the top 10 participants who make it to the last round. Crossing my fingers I’d be one of them 🙂

We were given the same palette to work with for the entire contest. This round, we were required to create 5 patterned papers and 5 cardstocks.

Here’s my Round 1 entry:


The color palette speaks loudly of Autumn but I wanted to make something that can be used besides Autumn photos. We’ll see how this kit goes if we will be asked to do elements next.

If you like my papers, please vote for me here to move on to the next round. Thanks a bunch!

Link to download here on theStudio’s Gallery. Hurry, though, since the link will only stay active until October 31st.


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